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Coed Mock Trial Summer Camp

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Camp Description
If you've watched criminal trials on the big screen or followed major trials in the news, if you've wanted to practice debate and public speaking in a low-pressure team-oriented atmosphere, if you want to strengthen your think-on-your-feet abilities, or are curious about a legal career, this is the camp for you! Campers will take on a "real" set of facts, written as a case packet that explains a crime, includes evidence diagrams, and the sworn statements of key witnesses. With these facts, campers will take on roles, craft a theory of the case, represent the accused, learn the legal arts of direct and cross-examination, courtroom decorum, opening statement, closing argument, and how to make objections. Even when the accused is found guilty, every camper will have fun presenting the case and taking with them valuable presentation and critical thinking skills.

During the middle of the day, campers will have an opportunity to play sports, swim, or have fun in our arcade.

The Instructors
Instructor Kristen Krauss:
Kristen Krauss, Mock Trial Coach and English Teacher, possesses credentials to teach K-8 and 9-12th grades. She has taught in the MVLA district for 20 years and the MVWSD prior. She loves gamefying learning and creating problem-based learning experiences for students to learn in multidisciplinary ways and in collaborative groups. She believes the most important aspect of learning is the ability to identify one's own strengths and build collaborative group strategies for meeting the challenges of learning something new. Kristen grew up in central California, earned her BA in Literature at Claremont McKenna College, her masters in education at San Jose State University, and possesses three teaching credentials. She loves competing in Spartan races as well as being a Mountain View Spartan.