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Spartans Sports Camp prides itself on providing a limited number of scholarships to the community. Please follow the process outlined below to be considered for a scholarship. Applications will be processed in the order received. Email Director Doug Wiersig ( by the appropriate deadline (see below) with the following info.
  1. How many children you would like to enroll and for how many weeks
  2. How much you can afford to pay per week
  3. Evidence of need 窶 see below
To qualify for a scholarship, a family must show need. This is achieved by providing evidence of Financial Assistance from a reputable social agency or government. Spartans Sports Camp is not a social agency. We rely on and accept the judgment of School Districts, City Governments, Housing Agencies, and even other groups such as the YMCA. We do not interview or pass any judgment on our own, but accept the decision of others. Items we accept for showing need include:
  • Letter from School/District giving child reduced price or free lunch (or other meal)
  • Letter from City approving discounted services for family (i.e., class or sports program voucher)
  • Letter from YMCA, AYSO or other reputable group approval of reduced fees for programs
  • Letter of approval from any government agency for financial assistance with Food or Housing
Please send one of these documents (valid within the past 12 months) to Doug. You should receive a response within approximately one week.

Scholarship Submission Deadlines
  • Winter Break Camps: February 11, 2019
  • Spring Break Camps: April 8, 2019
  • Summer Camps: April 15, 2019